Inhale Fully and Completely. Exhale, fully and completely. Repeat.

831 Route 52, Fishkill , NY 12524

(845) 765-8060

We treat your BODY so you can FACE the world.

Movement Studio


dance- stretch -relax

.Schedule your private time to use the studio for personal training or dance

Movement is Medicine

 Oxygenate your body and bring balance and harmony within, using massage, meditation and other “dance activities” to promote FUN to release endorphins.

Make time before or after your massage


Come to sit on a mat to relax and meditate with the serene sounds of music and breath work or use Physio balls appropriately (no bouncing) and/or ballet bars for stretching and dance.


Why a ball? The instability of the ball encourages your core to activate and make the "STABILIZERS" stronger for balance and strength.